Just a quick reminder. We are very lucky to play on incredible fields, but we are very much renters – not owners. So PLEASE follow the field rules:

1. No food. No Gatorade. No gum. No sunflower seeds. NOTHING BUT WATER on ANY of our turf fields. That includes Coach’s coffee, or the MPR’s lunch.

2. Please remind your players to leave their game flags on the field (in the bucket), and take their (full and empty) water bottles with them!

3. If you’re tailgating, PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF. You’d be shocked at the mess people leave in the stands.

4. No alcohol in the stands. Especially at AMS. There, we said it.

5. NO TAILGATING AT WASHINGTON. Sorry, just found that out. And trust us, once you see the bathroom, you’ll be glad you didn’t.

While we’ve got your attention a few other notes:

1. No kids on the sidelines. PLAYERS ONLY. If you don’t have someone else to watch your other child, you need to be up in the stands with them. It’s a safety issue.

2. No parents on the sidelines. CERTIFIED COACHES, Downmaker or MPR person only. That means you, faux camera guy….

3. MPRs have to be done for EVERY GAME.

4. The visiting team does the clock. Not the field monitor. Not the cameraman. The visiting team. If you REALLY can’t find someone, ask the home team.

5. If you do PA – keep it positive, and make sure to call out great plays for both teams.