August 28, 2012

Coaches, Parents and Friends,

Since 2008, the BCS has been a volunteer-managed, non-profit organization serving the South Bay. Although families pay a registration fee to join our league, sponsorship revenue from local businesses has provided us the opportunity to fund additional activities. We are extremely grateful to recent sponsors such as Brother’s Burritos, Stroyke Properties, Bank of Manhattan, Palm Realty Boutique and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The support of local sponsors is vital to our growth.

There is no better way to access potential local sponsors than through our greatest resource: you, our league members.

You may work for or work with businesses located here in the South Bay. These businesses could benefit from a sponsorship relationship with BCS by increasing their local exposure via web exposure on the BCS website, announcements of sponsors at each game at all division levels, logo placement of division sponsors on fall 2012 BCS T-shirts and e-blasts to league members.

If you own, operate or work for a local business with an interest in a sponsorship role with BCS or if you work with or know of local businesses that might have an interest in sponsoring the BCS, please let me know!

Please contact me at 310-433-6869 or  [email protected]


Christopher Locke
BCS, Director of Sponsorship