Dear Parents, Coaches and Volunteers,

Please carefully read the following guidelines in relation to our compliance obligations to LA County and the LACDPH. 

Many of the players in D11 and D12 are either 12 years old now, or will turn 12 years old during the course of the season. LA County has set aside very specific COVID-19 youth sports regulations for children 12 years of age and above. Please note that these policies are not unique to the BCS. We are obliged to follow the guidelines put forth by the LACDPH for all sports leagues operating within LA County, and are non-negotiable. We are simply doing our part to comply with LACDPH regulations and ensure that we have a healthy, and productive season. 

Vaccination Status: Every player ages 12 and older is required to submit vaccination status to the league at [email protected] . Please include their full name, team name and division along with their status “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated”. If the player is fully vaccinated please include proof of this vaccination in the form of a photograph of the vaccination card. 

Please ensure that your vaccination status (including proof of vaccination card, if you are fully vaccinated) has been shared with us at [email protected] by no later than Friday, September 17th at 5PM PST.

Weekly Testing Compliance:  All coaches, volunteers, officials, and players who are fully vaccinated are not required to participate in weekly COVID-19 screening.

 All coaches, volunteers, officials, and players (12 years old or older) who are not fully vaccinated will be required to participate in weekly COVID-19 screenings. This test must be completed, and negative results submitted to the league every Thursday prior to the weekend games [email protected]. If players are tested weekly at school, this test result fulfills the requirement. This week please submit negative test results via email to [email protected] by 5:00 PM on Friday, September 17th.

Please reach out to me if your child has recovered/completed isolation for laboratory confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days as there are some special addendums, and protocols for that population. 

The League will be appointing a chief compliance officer to monitor these compliance efforts and act as the liaison to LA County and LACDPH.

You will receive a COVID-19 waiver form in the coming days that will allow you to verify that you are aware of and understand these compliance standards. 

Many of you may have children who are not yet 12 years old and above. However, if the player turns 12 years old during the Fall 2021 season, they will be automatically responsible for complying with the rules stated above. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

As always, thank you so much for all the support and for allowing us the honor of having your kids compete in the BCS league.

Alexi Waul, President – BCS Youth Flag Football / [email protected]