Many of you came out last weekend to enjoy a Sunday full of thrilling football, participate in special events and to celebrate successful seasons for all of our 44 teams. Congrats to the teams, players and coaches that competed in the championships. Most games were extremely close and very fun to watch.

As we reach the end of another successful season, I would like to thank all of you for your support and for all that you do to help make this the premier flag football league in Southern California. The gift of your time and energy to these kids is powerful and something to be proud of.

Also, as I reach the end of my term as BCS President, I would like to thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to make my mark on this great league. Hopefully, most agree that it was a darn good league before I took over and is at least a little bit better as I turn the reigns over to my successor, Brad Woomer. I am confident Brad will continue to improve our product, our community involvement, and the teaching/coaching of our kids. Please give Brad your full support and if you can devote a little more time beyond the significant commitment of coaching (and parenting!) please offer him your help, ideas and energy. It is through the work of lots and lots of volunteers that we have this great community resource and it will take more of the same to keep it growing, improving and thriving in the future.

Have a great summer…. 86 days until Fall Kickoff!!!!!