D6 – 9:00 AM Chiefs vs Titans          

D7 – 10:10 AM Steelers vs 49ers         

D8 – 11:20 AM Tigers vs Buckeyes         

D9 – 12:30 PM Bulldogs vs Steelers    

D11 – 1:40 PM Rams vs Buccaneers        

Future Stars – 2:45 PM (Games played concurrently)

D10 – 3:35 PM Eagles vs Broncos         

D12 – 4:45 PM GOATS vs Tribe

Parents of participating players please note: only coaches will be given Sideline Credentials and Parents will not be permitted on the field for any reason. They must remain in the stands at all times. Parents will also enter at a separate gate, with the players escorted down to the field by their registered coaches. Details on parking and gate assignments to come.