This is from MBAF, the fine people we rent from.

Thank you for renting Waller Stadium. We ask the following:

• Please stress to your coaches, parents, and players that food and sunflower seeds are not be used on the turf field. We also ask that your players and coaches do their best to clean up any water bottles they leave on the field after games. Costa’s operations and maintenance staff have a new field groomer this year and should be more regularly grooming the field, but cleaning up sunflower seeds and picking up old water bottles takes time, time they could use keeping the field properly groomed.

• As you all know, the field is fully booked this fall, so if there’s a user group coming on after you, please be courteous and leave the field at the appointed time. Obviously, if everyone runs 5 – 10 minutes late after each game, the last game at night could run an hour late, so please give up the field at the appointed hour.

• If you are using the public address system in the press box, please monitor the volume level. The most frequent complaint the district receives is to complain about the volume of the PA system. Using the PA system to enhance the experience for the players and spectators is great, but the neighbors down on 2nd St and Redondo Ave aren’t that interested in what’s going on…

• League Note –  In terms of the PA – no reason to do play by play. Just announce TD or great play. Keep it brief.

• Parking is problematic around the campus these days as the construction of new science classrooms continues. Please remind parents NEVER to park in front of the gates at the Waller Stadium entrance at Peck Ave and Stadium Way. Blocking that entrance is a safety concern – the District indicates that this year they will tow first and ask questions later. Further, please allow only NECESSARY vehicles to access the Stadium Way access road above the press box. Cars driving back and forth along Stadium Way are a danger to the players, their parents and families so please keep Stadium Way gate closed to only but necessary service vehicles.