When we created Future Stars a few years back it was designed as a non-competitive division created to teach kids about flag football and youth sports in general. It was a casual, Spring only thing. Eventually it morphed into a year-round, more competitive league – just with much, much smaller players! We’ve decided to take a step back, and put the focus back on fun and learning the game. We also felt that in the Fall, with most of these kids just starting school it was a lot to process – for both parents and kids.

As such, Future Stars will not be playing games in the Fall 2015, but will instead consist of two or three Free “Introduction to BCS Flag Football” Days, complete with drills, games and giveaways. These one-day “mini-camps” will be run by our most experienced coaches, and again, will be free of charge. Kids can come to one or more days – it’s up to you.

In the Spring 2016 we will have our regular Future Stars division, where kids can show off their skills gained in the Fall.

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We appreciate your understanding. Any questions, please contact [email protected]