Monday, July 18th • 6pm-7:30pm at RUHS Field House

From RUHS Head Coach Matt Ballard: This is our way to reach out to football/flag football coaches that work with the kids in our community.  The plan is to share what we believe in, teach and preach here at Redondo Union, as well as discuss coaching techniques and strategies.  I haven’t finalized what Coach Fassel of the LA Rams would like to cover, but I’m sure it will be invaluable.  Obviously with all the new data on concussions, there is an emphasis on safety and techniques that not only minimize head injuries, but many others.  This is coach driven, so we welcome coaches’ suggestions on topics too.

Possible topics:

  • “Heads out tackling”, coaching it, and why it’s not only safer, but more effective  (we call it “Hawk Tackling”)
  • Blocking skills (pass/run) and techniques/drills
  • Skilled positon techniques/ drills (WRs, DBs, RBs & LBs)
  • “Putting it all together”: building a cohesive program that incorporates your team philosophy into everything you do; maximizing coach, parent and player “buy in”

We obviously don’t have the time to cover everything, so the main reason for clinic is to offer the Redondo staff and myself as a resource.  i.e. a coach that wants to discuss Quarters coverage with Coach Ellison, or talk inside zone with Coach Kelley, is free to do so.  And FYI, there are no egos here, so we approach it knowing we don’t have all the answers, and want to continue to learn and improve too.  The word “clinic” gives the wrong impression I think, really it’s an opportunity to share ideas and strategies.

Coach Fassel will also be at our Youth Camp next day, July 19th. (10am-12:30pm) Possibly with Rams players.  Coaches welcome to attend this as well.