Week 1 is in the books – but we need to chat.

Over 730 kids suited up on fields across the South Bay for their first week of BCS and GBCS football, and from all accounts a fine time was had by all of them.

But this post isn’t about them.

It’s about our parents, coaches, and friends – those not on the playing fields – or at least those that SHOULDN’T be.

Please take a moment to read these hard and fast rules to ensure the kids continue to have a great time in a safe and sane environment.

Spectators should NOT be out of the stands at any time. 

That includes during warm ups or after the game. This includes friends, siblings, players on other teams. The only people allowed on the field are players, coaches, and MPR helpers or down marker holders. THAT’S IT. If you are helping in one of the latter two roles, your non-playing child must stay in the stands. If that can’t be accommodated, please give the job to someone else.

Spectators must be at least 10 yards back from the playing field on fields without stands.

At MBMS we drew a red line on the sidelines which some parents choose to ignore. We ask that you respect this rule at fields like Mira Costa West that have no markings. 

No dogs are allowed at any field we play or practice at – EVER.

DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY SCHOOL PROPERTY. If you bring a dog you will be asked to remove it. If you do not comply, you will be asked to leave the property and may face disciplinary issues with the league. This includes Coaches.

We are serious about this – we have had schools threaten to take away our field space over the issue. Do you really want to be the person that caused us to lose access to these amazing fields? Leave Fido at home!

Spectators may not bring electronic loudspeakers, megaphones, cowbells, Vuvuzelas or other noise makers to games.

This is not a NFL or college game. These are kids; mostly very, very young kids. Cheer with respect – that means cheering for great plays for either team – not celebrating penalties. FYI – coaches may play music for their runouts, but must shut the music off immediately after.

No bicycles, scooters or skateboards – motorized or not – on the track or on the fields.

Pretty self explanatory, and yet we have to remind parents and their kids constantly. 

No standing or playing on the running tracks during the game

We rent the fields, not the tracks and they must be left open to the public. If you want to take a walk or jog during your kid’s game, have at it. But don’t confuse that with watching from the track.

Non-players should not be playing football, soccer, etc. on the track during game

Again, you’d think this would be self-explanatory. If your kids want to play during the game, they need to do it away from the game field and the track. 

Please watch your language. There are children present.

Enough said. Cheer with class and respect.

Coaches Coach. Spectators Cheer.

If you have some nugget of coaching wisdom you must share with your child or coach during the game, might we suggest you register to coach next season? We are always short coaches, yet so many spectators seem to have a cornucopia of football knowledge they feel compelled to share with the world – often at airplane engine volume with adult-only language mixed in. We asked you to coach – you said no, so stick with being a spectator.

Please just watch the game.

Finally, we appreciate your support and the fact you read this whole email. We want to remind you that you as a parent or guardian signed a code of conduct. If you’d like review, it’s linked here. You also signed a Referee & Opposing Team Zero Tolerance Policy agreement (linked here).

But here’s the bottomline – be good, or be gone. Thanks in advance.