Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Super Bowl winners: D6 Tigers, D7 Raiders, D8 Tigers, D9 Eagles, D10 Raiders, D11 Trojans and D12 Mustangs.

Special apologies to the D10 Raiders for the incorrect result sent in our last email.

At the Super Bowl, we announced our division award winners, which were voted on by the Coaches in each division. They are listed below by division. In some cases there where ties.

MVP: Cobi Obi & Nico Di Corpo
Defensive Player of the Year: Nze Oparaocha & Jude Hamilton
Spirit Award: Graham Peterson
Coach of the Year: Kevin Ritter

MVP: Max Hansen
Defensive Player of the Year: Matteo Romagnoli
Spirit Award: Benji Young & Nikolas Salcedo
Coach of the Year: Christian Hansen

MVP: Porter Berger
Defensive Player of the Year: Bradley Rees
Spirit Award: Kyle Barber
Coach of the Year: Jack Walker

MVP: Dillon Poliner
Defensive Player of the Year: Wynn Deville
Spirit Award: To’a Tuione
Coach of the Year: Leonel Rodriguez

MVP: Edmond Dalton
Defensive Player of the Year: Harper Terry
Spirit Award: Nathan Pianko & Emmitt Ojeda
Coach of the Year: Dennis Euben

MVP: Brady Grow
Defensive Player of the Year: Santiago Harris & Vann Jackson
Spirit Award: Luca Stenta & Jaxon Waul
Coach of the Year: Ryan Wald & Ray Jackson

MVP: Wyatt Nucci
Defensive Player of the Year: Lucien Iglesias
Spirit Award: Emmy Terry
Coach of the Year: Jacob Capps
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