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Future Stars (6)
Oct 14 Giants vs Trojans South Park 12pm
Oct 14 Patriots vs Titans South Park 1:30pm
Oct 14 Panthers vs Steelers South Park 3pm

D6 (6)
Oct 14 Chargers vs Mustangs AMS 3pm
Oct 20 Titans vs Rams MCHS 1pm
Oct 20 Jets vs Bears MCHS 2pm

D7 (11)
Oct 13 Redskins vs Bruins MCHS 10am
Oct 13 Eagles vs Lions MCHS 2pm
Oct 13 49ers vs Seminoles MCHS 3pm
Oct 13 Trojans vs Patriots MCHS 4pm
Oct 14 Rams AMS 5pm
Oct 20 Rattlesnakes vs Vikings MCHS 11am

D8 (9)
Oct 13 Bears vs 49ers AMS 2pm
Oct 13 Packers vs Blackhawks AMS 3pm
Oct 20 Raiders vs Spartans MCHS 8am
Oct 20 Mighty Lions vs Titans Washington 7:15pm
Oct 21 Eagles Washington 6:15pm

D9 (6)
Oct 12 Pumpkins vs Cowboys MCHS 6pm
Oct 13 Bears vs Giants MCHS 5pm
Oct 14 Eagles vs Bombers MCHS 4pm

D10 (8)
Oct 13 Crimson Tide vs Bulldogs MCHS 9am
Oct 13 Cobras vs Seahawks MCHS 11am
Oct 13 Seals vs 49ers MCHS 1pm

D11 (5)
Oct 13 Longhorns vs Redskins MCHS 6pm
Oct 14 Red Raiders vs Trojans MCHS 3pm
Oct 21 Fighting Irish MCHS 7:30pm

D12 (5)
Oct 12 Steelers vs Cobras MCHS 7pm
Oct 12 Ducks vs Patriots MCHS 8pm
Oct 14 Longhorns MCHS 5pm