Dear BCS Family,
This week the state of California has opened the door for the return of youth sports. This has been a long and arduous year for all of us, and this news could not have come any sooner. We are excited about the prospect of returning to football and returning to some sense of normalcy.
I am sure that you have many questions about our plan for returning to the field. Please take the time to read the entire email, and if you have any further questions check out our updated FAQ and About sections on
We have constructed a tentative schedule for the 2021 Spring/Summer season. As has always been the case, we place the safety of our children, coaches, fans and staff at the forefront of any decision and are of course, bound by all Federal, State, and Local health regulations. With that in mind please be aware that the dates highlighted below are subject to change. However, we are committed to delivering a season for the kids this Spring/Summer and all current signs point to that being a reality!
As of now, we ARE allowed and intend to play games!
Our 2021 Spring/Summer Season dates are as follows:
Mandatory Skills Combine             Sun. Mar. 21 & Sun. Mar. 28, 2021
First team practices begin             Mon. April 5, 2021
Opening Day of the season           Sat/Sun. April 24/25, 2021
End of season Super Bowl            Sun. June 13, 2021
These dates may change slightly depending on County and City health regulations. We very much appreciate your patience as we navigate the logistics of locations and times.  
Registration for the 2021 Spring/Summer Season is now open.



We anticipate interest to be high for this season, so please register your child as soon as possible as we will have a limited number of available spots.
If you did not receive your refund from Spring 2020 or Fall 2020, there will be a place to mark that on your registration. Unfortunately, the only way to keep people honest is to have them pay, and then we can refund once we cross check prior registrations, as otherwise people just click that and then we have to chase them down for payment.
Some key notes
–  We will be having a Future Stars Spring Season, for kids aged 5 (but not yet 6) as of 7/1/20
–  We also plan to have a D13 division for the first time since 2014, for kids aged 13 as of 7/1/20)
–  D6 – D10 will be formed via draft
–  D11 and above as well as Future Stars will be coach formed
–  We have lowered the price for all divisions
Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support and your incredible patience with us as we worked through these difficult times. The BCS community is a family and we are eternally grateful for every member of this family from the kids, to coaches, families and volunteers. 
It has been a long year, now let’s get out there and play some football!