Face Coverings

  • Face Coverings must be worn be all coaches and on field volunteers at all times during practice and games.
  • Face Coverings must be word at all times by all parents in the stands/sidelines at all times.
  • Players are required to wear Face Coverings while on the sidelines during, prior to and after the game. They are not required to do so while in the game.

Temperature Checks

  • All players must be temperature checked upon arrival at all practices and games by coaches. You will need to invest in a temporal “no touch” thermometer. If a player has a temperature higher than 100.3 degrees then he/she will have to sit out the practice or game and return home.

Field Personnel

  • Only live scanned coaches, officials and official BCS staff are permitted on the field at any time. This is non-negotiable.


  • All parents, family, and friends must adhere to designated and marked social distancing guidelines in the stands at stadium fields or on the sidelines at non-stadium fields.
  • At practices parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up kids. If they would like to stay they must maintain social distancing and be at least 10 feet back from the sidelines of the practice area.