Here’s a message for new BCS President John Forbes:


I wanted to inform you all of the results of the debate and subsequent vote regarding the future of how BCS will conduct team formation in the future.

It was vigorously and thoroughly debated in a respectful manner for many weeks (years, actually!) and I can say that both sides of this issue have valid and respectable arguments for why each of the two systems of forming teams has merit.

We are fully confident that we’ve found a compromise that will satisfy both sides of this issue. This is a complex issue where compromise was needed here.

The board voted to do the following for the next year and for as long as the board feels satisfied with the results. The BCS board reserves the right to revisit the issue at any time for further review in deference to changing circumstances.

Fall 2017
– D6 and D7: DRAFT
– D8-D12: Traditional BCS format (Coaches form teams and league distributes free agents and forms new teams as needed)

Spring 2018
– Future Stars – League forms teams in modified draft system (Various factors considered, including school affiliation, geography, friendships and talent parity)
– D6-D12 – DRAFT

Thanks to everyone who expressed their opinion on the issue. Now lets all come together and get on with playing some football!!

PS. Registration is OPEN right now, so get on it and register your players!

John Forbes
BCS Youth Flag Football

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